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More Money, Less Headache

Learn the secrets to less effort and more money from your service business in just one hour!

The Challenge of Success

Though tough to complain about, running a successful business can be hard, but it doesn't have to be.

This webinar is a paradigm shift in an hour,  helping you refocus your energies where they produce maximum results, and finding a place for the rest of the necessary work, to make the most of your time and your business even on a limited budget.

In this Webinar You'll Learn To:

Assess your best strengths and utilize them in both lead generation and client work.
Filter out nightmare clients, and identify the right clients, the ones who pay on time and don't make you crazy.
Hire the right kind of help, who will take a load off you instead of adding to the pressure.

Automate the busy work, such as endless emails and scheduling.





 After spending many years finding fulfillment in the non-profit world, Estie founded Strand Consulting to bring her skills of doing more with less to small business owners. Estie now enjoys every minute of her work helping others reach their earning potential, maximizing themselves, their time and of course, their profits.

About the Host

Estie Rand

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Date: Tuesday, March 7th, 2017
Time: 11am PT / 2pm ET / 9pm  IST
Duration: 1 Hour
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What People Have Said About Previous Classes

The wisdom was so relevant and practical, I can't wait to start using it.
I've been to many webinars, but none quite so entertaining and informative at the same time.
Wow, just wow! Thank you for saying exactly what I needed to hear right now!
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